More then 2,000 state residents take advantage of multi-year medical marijuana card offer

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Several thousand state residents interested in the state’s medical marijuana program have signed up for bonus time the state made available on the new medical marijuana cards.

If you are a veteran, you might be considering if it is worthwhile to obtain a medical card. Does it actually alleviate your symptoms?
Veterans can endure symptoms relating to injuries they sustained during service. Some of those symptoms are chronic and present a burden to their quality of life. Medical marijuana has helped some Veterans who were unable to find treatment via conventional means. It’s easier for veterans to get their MMJ card in recent years to help with their symptom management.

The state Department of Health and Human Resources told MetroNews 2,305 residents took the state up on its offer to sign-up by June 30 to get a two-year extension on the original one-year card. .

State Health Dr. Ayne Amjad announced the offer in May in hopes of helping dispensaries determine the level of interest in the program.

“We want people to register early so our dispensaries can get an idea of how many patients in West Virginia are wanting to have medical cannabis available,” Amjad previously saod.

She said past uncertainty of when the program was going to begin also likely has held down registration numbers because residents knew their cards would only last a year.

“We know patients maybe weren’t doing that (signing up) because they weren’t sure. We think offering these incentives will make patients more comfortable that they won’t have to spend more money going back to the doctor (to be certified),” Amjad said.

So 2,305 residents will now have their cards for three years. The state has two more deadlines:

Those who register by Sept. 30 will get a total of two years on the card (1 year original + 1 year extension).

Those who register after Oct. 1 will receive a card good for one just one year.

A doctor must approve a person’s participation in the program. Eligible state residents can register for a card at The $50 card fee is waived for low-income residents.

Medical marijuana treatments could be available by the end of this year.

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