Turnpike account holders responding to changes coming to discounted E-ZPass program

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — State motorists are renewing their deeply discounted E-ZPass through the West Virginia Parkways Authority.

Parkways has been reminding account holders in recent days that they can renew their accounts online for the Single Fee Discount program that began three years ago. The price goes from the original cost of $24 for three years to $26.25 a year beginning Jan. 1.

WVPA Executive Director Jeff Miller

“We’ve provided, I think, sufficient notification to all of those account holders to give them the opportunity to renew and to do so before the increase takes effect on Jan. 1,” Parkways Authority Executive Director Jeff Miller said.

Those who renew before Jan. 1 can do so at the rate of $25 for the next year. However, Jan. 1 is not a hard and fast deadline to continue to participate in the program. Miller said motorists can renew any time during the next year.

“We have had some people that have reached out to us and asked that question and we’ve explained to them that they are more than welcome to wait until after Jan. 1 at any point and time and it will be $26.25 and it’s good for 12 months from the date of activation,” Miller said.

Approximately 180,000 motorists took advantage of the program three years ago. Miller said he’s hopeful those motorists have found it useful and will renew under the higher rate which he said is still deeply discounted.

“It helps with the flow of traffic through the toll barriers and certainly just the ease of access through there and the cost savings you experience, essentially, two trips up and down the Turnpike it will pay for itself,” Miller said.

As previously reported, tolls increase on the 88-mile Turnpike beginning Jan. 1 from the current $4.00 per toll for passenger vehicles to $4.25 per toll.

The 5% increase will also be applied to commercial traffic. The new toll rates for most tractor trailers will be $14.25 per toll. Those can also receive a discount through E-ZPass.

The Parkways Authority had walk-in services available at headquarters in Charleston and Beckley last weekend for customers seeking information on the change. The customer service office has also been staying open longer during the work week.

Anyone with questions can contact the Parkways Authority customer service at customerservicecenter@wvturnpike.com or call toll-free at 1 (800) 206-6222.

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