Former West Virginia guard Jabarie Hinds announced Thursday he will relocate to UMass, choosing the Minutemen over St. Joe’s.

Joe Sadlek/All-Pro Photography

Jabarie Hinds announced April 1 he was leaving WVU after two seasons in which he started 59 of 65 games.

After sitting out next season under NCAA transfer rules, Hinds will have two years of eligibility remaining.

“I liked their style of play,” Hinds told the Daily Hampshire Gazette. “Over the past month I’ve developed a good relationship with Coach (Derek) Kellogg. I like how they run and press and make the game faster. I like how on offense, coach lets his players play.”

The 5-foot-11 Hinds started 59 of 65 games during two seasons at West Virginia. A Rivals three-star recruit out of Mount Vernon, N.Y., he averaged 7.2 points this past season, struggling with his 3-point shooting (27 percent) and committing 56 turnovers against 52 assists.

Hinds was the most surprising of three departures on April 1 when guard Aaron Brown and power forward Volodymyr Gerun also announced plans to transfer.

“I’m going to work hard during the year off so when I’m eligible, I can step right in,” Hinds said. “I’m going to stay in the gym and work on my jump shot, watch a lot of film.”

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  • Jim

    As a WVU fan, I certainly get tired of the references to Huggins in sweats and "Sweatsuit Huggins." I believe it is refreshing to see a college coach not trying to look like a fashion plate on the BB court, but rather a coach instead of a booster or school administrator!
    Who ever came up with the rule that BB coaches are to wear suits and ties? What does that have to do with a coach's abilities as a coach?
    Then you have the NBA jerks that wear custom tailored suits costing thousands of dollars, all for show. The NBA even gives an annual award for the "best dressed coach." Disgusting. Sweats are proper attrire for coaches. One of the winingest college coaches of all times that wore sweats comes to mind. Bobby Knight ring a bell? Can the "Sweatsuit Huggins" slams.

  • sshepherd

    Good riddens...he better stay in the gym and work on his are not going to play for Huggs if you dont defend and rebound!!!

    • GV

      Not so well said, it is" good riddance", at least give the kid the memory of one person who can spell in West Virginia.

  • hailey

    It is time for Sweatsuit Bob to step up and earn his money... yeah maybe Jabarie did not listen at times but it seems none of the players want to listen to him. Time to change the message put on a suit and be a leader, I have always loved Huggins but like many fans the Final 4 good will is dwindling fast

  • cutty77

    Yes Good Luck Jabarie. I wish you well.

    • Wemakerain

      All the best Jabarie, thanks for your 2 years of service

  • Alum

    Good luck Jabarie.

  • tony

    yeah he didnt want to play defense...

  • Urban Redneck

    “I liked their style of play,” Hinds told the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Guess their style of play includes driving into defenders half a foot taller and throwing up bricks. Liked some of Hinds' game, but it doesn't look like he made much improvement in his shoot selection or technique from his freshman to sophomore seasons. Maybe a little less " coach lets his players play" and a little more work ethic to fit the team concepts?

    • Barry

      There has been alot of players that Huggins has coached since he has been at WVU that have not improved. It can't always be the players fault.

    • Greg

      Good post. There's just some things coaches can't teach or kids just aren't willing to learn. And then again, some guys just peak early and never get any better. Not sure under which category Jabarie falls.

      • GV

        Well said, the kid is gone and best of luck to him in the future.

    • Stan

      Well said.

  • Chef Camille

    St. Huggins what a teacher. Wake up in a stupor and yell and scream at his athletes. His schtick is getting old.

    • Alum

      Just as old as posts like these that continue to denigrate Huggins. Please go back to Huntington.

  • Bob

    I guess reading from his quote he didn't believe Huggins let him play to his strengths?


      Get away from 'sweatsuit Huggins' and don't look back. Huggins is a mess and plays head games with his players. Any recruits out there, STAY AWAY FROM HUGGINS. HE THROWS HIS PLAYERS UNDER THE BUS ALL THE TIME!