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Sophomore receiver Ronald Carswell, who tops West Virginia with 20.6 yards per catch, was suspended for last Saturday’s 30-27 win at TCU.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia’s updated depth chart revealed no Ronald Carswell on Monday evening, an indication the sophomore receiver might not be out of the doghouse in time for this week’s showdown against Texas.

Carswell was a scratch for last Saturday’s 30-27 overtime win at TCU, serving a suspension for the ever-vague “violation of team rules.” Coach Dana Holgorsen has not indicated whether the disciplinary action would stretch beyond one game.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Carswell was suspended for the much of his 2011 freshman season at Alabama. After spending 2012 as a redshirt freshman at Itawamba (Miss.) Community College, he leads WVU in yards-per-catch (20.6) this season, including a 69-yard touchdown against William & Mary that stands as the team’s longest pass play. He’s fourth on the team with 20 catches and has two touchdowns.

Holgorsen has prohibited any summertime enrollees from speaking to the media this fall, but before the season Carswell told his hometown newspaper that immaturity issues hounded him at Alabama.

“I won’t say I was cocky back then, but I was, let’s say, over-confident,” Carswell told The Macon (Ga.) Telegraph. “I didn’t think that anything bad could happen to me, and I still had a lot of growing up to do. I made some mistakes, and I paid the price.”

In Carswell’s absence, fellow junior college transfer Mario Alford started at the X-outside receiver and made three catches for a personal-best 62 yards.

Icky Banks loves the prospects of Saturday’s 7 p.m. kickoff and the emotion it promises to pack when WVU hosts one of the nation’s legacy programs.

“Ooh that’s going to be a good one,” said West Virginia’s junior cornerback. “You know how Morgantown gets at night under them lights. It’s something about playing for that home crowd—they light a fire under you.

It’s “Stripe the Stadium” night at Mountaineer Field, where West Virginia has gone 3-1 at home this season, splitting Big 12 games against Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. The Longhorns, who opened as 8-point favorites, are loaded for revenge after dropping last season’s meeting 48-45.

“I know they’re coming in here with a chip on their shoulder after we went down to Austin and came out with a W,” said Wet Virginia center Pat Eger. “I know they’re coming for us and we’re excited.”

There are eight two-loss teams in the BCS rankings, the coaches poll and the AP top 25, but Texas isn’t among them.

On a five-game winning streak, the Longhorns (6-2, 5-0) hold a half-game lead on BCS No. 6 Baylor in the Big 12 standings.

“We’ve played like a Top 25 team enough in the last five weeks, in my estimation,” said Texas coach Mack Brown. “We should be ranked, but that will start happening this weekend if we do our job.”

The affable Brown even poked fun at UT’s early-September losses to BYU and Ole Miss, which bounced his team out of the limelight: “What we’ve learned now is you can up and down real fast in those rankings.”

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  • don

    I agree with you Richard; I think he has tremendous upside if Holg can get him straightened out. But, I admire Holg for handing out some discipline once in a while. If the players don't learn to respect him then he will never be able to develop what we need.

  • richard

    I think he could be a good player if he straightens his act up and practices hard. hope to see him back.

  • Dr. Sarcasm

    Nobody cares about the pros.

  • Allan

    How bout those Dolphins?

    • Brian

      I guess, Allen, ALOT of those guys have "issues" with consumming dried plant-life as well! So maybe you're on the something.

  • wvajoker

    What do you mean " And so it begins"?

    • Big Larry

      Players either leaving or getting kicked off the team which is NO JOKING MATTER...

      • Big Larry

        Not only does Marshall University get blamed for all the losses, they get blamed for all the wins as well...

        And that in NO JOKE!

        • Big Larry

          A sad "himan" being?

          I have been called a lot of things but never a "sad himan being"

          • Kevin

            I think he meant "HYMEN"

            Just sayin

    • GoEers

      He means that his welfare check just came in so he is now able renew his internet service for another month in order to troll WVU articles. He's a self proclaimed Marshall fan, but still reads and posts on every WVU article. He is a sad himan being of which I truly feel sorry for. What a miserable life Big Larry leads.

      • SamWV304

        His welfare check.. lmao....I'm pretty sure he also posts as many other names. All of which constantly puts down the current coaches and team.If you don't like the team the way it is. DON'T BE A FAN. LETS GOOOOOO.. KICK SOME TEX ----A$$.. for probably taking our

  • Big Dave

    Dismissed from Alabama. At least suspended at WVU.

    It's obvious this kid still has a lot of growing up to do. He catches a pass and showboats. Not nearly as good as he thinks he is.

    Good riddance.

  • Brian

    Not sure exactly how to "interpret" this?
    I'm guessing he may be gone (at least for the season) and I agree he has had some boneheaded plays this year.
    But; I also think he is a hellofa athlete that can cause some serious match-up problems with corners in this league.
    I'd venture to guess (and I obviously am spectulating here) that he has some issues with a certain variety of plant.

  • Bobby M

    MORGANTOWN under LIGHTS! Well I'm not buying this STALE bread! I remember under lights last year and getting beat by OKLAHOMA and getting a bloodbath beatDOWN by KSU!!!! Morgantown under LIGHTS - blah blah BLAH! Trust me and remember Bobby SAID this - our coaches will FIND a way to lose this game!!!! Remember you heard it HERE! As game gets CLOSER our fans will stop thinking CLEARER and start getting all wacky and GOOFY and think we'll actually WIN the game but by the time 3rd quarter starts reality will SET in like it does EVERY week and we'll see again how our head coach is TERRIBLE! Just terrible! Then after the game he'll have a press confence and tell us JUST how good that Texas team is and how good THERE coach is and how good there program IS! And on Monday he'll have a confrence and tell US how good the Big 12 is and how we've ONLY come from the Big East and how its a "challenge" to move from the Big East to Big 12!!! And blah blah blah BLAH (small blah)! Nothing changes SAME story same Stuff! Rumble!!!!

    • Dougie

      I think you said the same thing right before the eers beat Oklahoma St...

      • Bobby M

        Show me proof!!!!

        Thought SO! Your exposed Friend!

  • Big Larry

    And so it begins.....

    • Greg

      Lets weed these numbskull kids out early and get some PT for the youngsters who are going to be around next year. I wish you could get rid of all the numbskulls and free up some scholarships for next year. Some high school senior who will appreciate a full ride just got lucky!

  • gv

    The only way he would ever be able to catch a football is if it got stuck in his facemask. This is no lose.

  • WVcoal

    Carswell was a weak link anyway. He couldn't field kickoffs or punts and couldn't catch as a wide reciever. That makes him about as useful as a poopy-flavored lolly pop.

  • tw eagle

    he got bounced from bama for poor attitude and work habits . . .Holgerson must have been feeling really desperate to offer this retread and take mc nally back , another "superman" who loses his powers when he dons a football uniform . . .I thought WVU already had a good group of recievers before these two were added . . .and we lost Conor Arlia in the meantime . . .

  • Dave in Motown

    Sounds like Carswell might be gone-no longer with the team. Hopefully we won't see another mass exodus.

    • Big Dave

      Mass exodus? Carswell violated team rules. Are you saying a mass exodus of team rule violaters is next, or they're going to just follow Carswell out the door because they like the dude so much?