SPENCER, W.Va. – The former chief tax deputy for the Roane County Sheriff’s Department has been under investigation for nearly two years on allegations she embezzled money from the department. Patricia Daugherty was arraigned on four felony charges and entered a guilty plea Thursday.

Daugherty worked in the tax office for more than 20-years under four sheriffs before she resigned from the job back in January 2012. That’s when accusations of missing money began to surface.

Calhoun County Prosecutor Shannon Johnson, named a special prosecutor in the Daugherty case, said an information was filed two weeks ago that included four felony charges.

“[She’s charged with] one count of embezzlement, two counts of falsifying accounts and one count of fraudulent schemes,” explained Johnson.

It came to light, according to the special prosecutor, not long before Daugherty resigned from office.

“Through an investigation by the Roane County Sheriff’s Office and through the State Police,” said Johnson.

The amount of money missing from the Sheriff’s Tax Department coffers is $96,000. The money was taken between August 2010 and December 2011.

As part of the information, Daugherty is cooperating with investigators.

She’s set to be sentenced on February 5th. She was released on $50,000 bond.

Roane County Prosecutor Josh Downey recused himself from the case because of his close connections with the sheriff’s office.

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  • JoeP

    Did this woman happen to grow up in Mingo County?

  • kim

    She probably won't get what she deserves but I hope she gets some jail or prison time! Why do other countries have less crime than we do? Hmmm? We have overcrowded jails & prisons, they execute them on the spot! People are scared to commit even petty crimes! We, the tax payers have to pay to feed and house our criminals! Messed up!

  • Bill

    Gambling of some type must likely!

  • Joe

    I cannot help but notice that overwhelmingly it is women who are being charged with embezzlement anymore. I mean headline after headline.

    Can anyone correlate as to why this is the case?!


    • GregG

      Well they have to have the clothes with all the accessories, shoes, purse, jewelry and a scarf to match. Then they have to own the latest iphone with unlimited service and a trendy case. Then there is the beauty salon, nail salon, tanning salon and membership to the gym. Being a female isn't cheap.

  • Bill

    People that are charged and plead guilty or are found guilty of embezzlement of tax payer’s money, as well as paying back the money and serving jail time should lose their state retirements. They should only be allowed to receive the amount of money they personally paid into any retirement account plus some interest. Other than that they should lose all state retirement befits including any health care, any unused vacation as well as any sick time they would have received if they had retired as an honest employee. If that was part of any employment with any government whether State or Federal that might stop a few crooks from stealing tax payer’s money. money