PIEDMONT, W.Va. — U.S. Attorney Bill Ihlenfeld said he is sickened by what a Mineral County man was doing to dogs.

The federal prosecutor said Timothy Stewart, 34, of Piedmont, has pleaded guilty to various charges after overseeing a dog fighting operation. Ihlenfeld said authorities discovered the misuse of animals when they were investigating Stewart back in October for selling crack cocaine.

Ihlenfeld said when officers searched his home they did not expect to find what they did.

They found a number of dogs in deplorable conditions in cages in the basement and also dogs who were chained up outside of the house, treadmills used to train the dogs that they were chained to and had to run upon, weights were strapped to the dogs to increase their strength,” the U.S attorney said. “Probably the most sickening thing that was found were dog pelts, pelts that were cut from dogs that lost in fights.”

Stewart pleaded guilty this week in federal court in Martinsburg. Ihlenfeld predicts he’ll receive a long sentence in prison. He said the drug and firearms activities are serious offenses but it’s the abuse of the animals that makes him most upset.

“It sickens anyone who has any feeling in their hearts for animals be it cats, dogs, horses, anything else,” Ihlenfeld said.

According to officials with Mineral County Animal Control there were about seven dogs seized. The dogs were pit bulls ranging in ages from 1-3. Two were found outside the others were found in small kennels inside the home. All the dogs had to be euthanized.

Stewart pleaded guilty this week to possessing dogs for dog fighting, being a felon in possession of a firearm and conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. He faces up to 45 years in prison.

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  • ann kelly

    Put the Bastard down, jail is too good for this vile souless scumbag !!!!!!!!!

    • Jonus Grumby


    • JE

      I agree. Let the guy suffer just as much as he made his dogs suffer…don't make it easy on him by throwing him in prison…too bad animal abusers weren't treated the same way in prison as child molesters…just saying…

  • ellen thomas

    the bastards needs to pay and be put away for life!!! that is what is wrong with this system!!! don't give pat on back punish them dearly and for life! how do you think the animals felt? sick bastard!!!!!! rot in hell scum bag!!!

  • Drop the Gloves

    This garbage needs to die .

  • Tammy Tanguay

    Throw everything at him he needs to be punished I hope he gets to do the whole 45 years he has no value for life let it be human or those poor pittys burn in hell you SOB thank god for this man we do need more like him good job for finally speaking out

  • Jen Acuna

    Thank you Judge we need alot more like you. Good job the Pit bulls thank you.

  • Nona Reynolds

    How can ANY human being be such a POS? Thank God for this U.S. Attorney to stand up for the animals! We need MORE MEN AND WOMEN like this in the judicial system. I hope this A..hole gets the FULL 45 years and NO LESS. THROW HIM IN THE PIT AS BAIT!!

  • sherie haines

    Well done that judge....a man with courage to speak out and put his words into action..

  • Johnny Lowhorn, Sr.

    the 45 years should be doubled, He intended every death and more.

  • Carol Batten

    The animal abuse is the worse crime and he'll get the least amount of time (if any) for it.

  • Mountainsurfer

    Feed him to pigs.

  • DWM

    Cover him in gravy and put him and his dogs in a cell.

  • carol groleau

    this person(if that is what u would call him ) deserves to get 45 yrs in jail and never never allowed to own an animal again . So tired of dog fighters getting away with just a slap on the wrist ... it is abuse and a horrific deed and needs to be punishable to the max ... these type of people have no value for life in general , human or animal .

  • Metzger

    feed him to the dogs , literally !

  • Kathy Brown

    This is horrific. I sincerely hope that he is found guilty and sentenced to the maximum. Unfortunately, they can't euthanize him as were the poor dogs.

  • Maxeer

    Put that pos in a cage and leave him outside...Dont worry...he'll become Timmy once in the crossbar motel...