CHAPMANVILLE, W.Va. — Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s brother has been charged with selling painkillers.

U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin announced Wednesday afternoon Carl Tomblin, 50, of Chapmanville, distributed oxymorphone, also called Opana, in the Chapmanville area. The sell happened on Dec. 6, 2013.   

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Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin asked state residents for prayers following brother’s drug arrest.

Gov. Tomblin said Wednesday it was a very difficult day for his family.

“I am saddened by my brother’s actions and I am disappointed in him, but I love him,” Tomblin said in a prepared statement.

The governor went on to say his brother must be held accountable for his actions.

“Like everyone dealing with drug addiction, my brother needs help,” Tomblin said. “I’ve said many times that drug addiction can affect any family and it has affected mine. I thank you for your prayers during this challenging time.”

Goodwin said the case is being investigated by the U.S. 119 Task Force and the West Virginia State Police and is part of an ongoing prescription drug investigation in southern counties.

(Read charges here)

An information was filed against Carl Tomblin which generally indicates the defendant is cooperating with authorities.

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  • Earl Ray

    Before you all jump to conclusions, I have to say that I think my brother might be adopted.

  • Ragweed

    Execute ilicit drug makers and drug sellers. Do this and the drug problem will virtually disappeaar. Don't worry about the users. If there aren't any makers or dealers, there can't be users.

  • Guardian

    The drug problem - dealing or using or both - can strike any family. What I will watch for here is whether there is any favoritism shown to Carl or if he is tried and sentenced like any other dealer.

    I will observe that the Tomblin family businesses and actions over the years have walked the fine line between legitimate and the dark side. Certainly, this history has exposed Carl to some unsavory types over the years and could have led him to believe he could play in what is certainly a lucrative market . . . if you don't get caught.

  • David

    Hill jack... Indeed...

  • David

    Your brother is not only an addict he's a dealer governor!

    Yet we have to get a script for sudafed?

  • Wally Baron

    Good job!! illegal gambling and illegal drug business ---- Just carrying on in that Family tradition--- the WV southern democrat family, that is..

  • jm

    Does this affect the amount of campaign contributions that the governor will get from family members..........

  • wow

    All posters, The story said he distributed the pills, it didn't say he was using them, that is what Earl Ray said. Carl was selling pills. we don't know if he was using them. Just because he is the governors brother doesn't make less of a drug dealer. He is just as bad as the long haired, dirty looking dealer on the corner as far as I'm concerned.

    • Jason412

      Exactly what I was thinking. Couple that with the fact this drug is supposed to be at least twice as strong as oxycontin and I can't believe anyone feels bad for the guy based solely on the fact of his last name.

  • DWL

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Ol' cousin Earl Ray. I wonder if they can arrange bail using a DoH snow plow, grader, and a couple of state contracts?

  • thornton

    Maybe the drug was for a greyhound with a monkey on his sympathy here.

  • Chef Camille

    WVa plague. Crazy hillbilly moron!

  • Dale

    So sad. No family is immune from this horrible plague. Thoughts and prayers to Carl Tomblin and the Tomblin family.

  • Brian

    Dec 6, 2013 when the drug buy occurred yet this news was held till legislature was in session? Why?

  • hilljack

    Was this just a random drug arrest or was he targeted because of his brother the Governor? I hate this for the Tomblin family.

    • WV 1

      Omg, he was selling painkillers....that's a criminal act. He made himself the target you idiot.

      • Shadow

        The Judge, or rather God, has spoken. Don't bother with the concept of American Justice, Innocent until proven Guilty, by having a trial and judged by your peers. I assume you never learned that during your study of American Society and it associated Constitution. You Sir, may not be an idiot, but you are surely uneducated.

        • WV 1

          God doesn't sell painkillers, or manage a corrupt court system or cover up wrong doings. I also know where there is a lot of smoke, there is surely fire. I can also guarantee you that I am educated well. Eying the average of most state citizens, including you. The subject was that he was a target due to political family ties. You missed that part moron.

          • Shadow

            Your Mother didn't wash your mouth out with soap enough!

    • Shadow

      A very good question since it was the Holder DOJ. I also wonder if the NSA helped?

  • Olivia

    Prayers to Gov. Tomblin's brother and family.

    • Frank

      Screw Gov. Tomblins family. They are a bunch of crooks and lairs. How do you think he become Governor. Honest people are not in politics.

    • susanf1218

      Prayers, indeed! How about this one - Thank you God that another drug dealer has been caught and I pray that he will receive the full measure of punishment for his crime!