PENNSBORO, W.Va. — State Police Troopers arrested a Ritchie County High School teacher for a second time this week Friday on an additional charge for allegedly sexually abusing a student.

Troopers said David P. Weekley, 43, of Pennsboro, was charged with second degree sexual assault and first degree sexual abuse after a second student came forward Thursday. The student alleges an incident that occurred in May 2013.

Weekley was arrested for the first time Wednesday after another student reported to State Police on Feb. 7 that Weekley had performed oral sex on him in a closet at the school in December 2013. The boy also alleges Weekley fondled him in an unoccupied room at the school.

Weekley was charged with second degree sexual assault, first degree sexual abuse, and two counts of sexual abuse by a parent/custodian. He posted $100,000 bail on the original charges.


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  • Gary

    He will plea bargain and get a suspended sentence. That's the WV way. There are no judges in WV.

  • taylor nicole collins

    Correction...That would be the easy way out of life for him.

  • taylor nicole collins

    That would the easy way out of life for him. What a sick minded indivdual. You better believe if my son or daughter told me something like that happened to him or her, this man would only wish he had a gun barrel to suck on before i got ahold of him. he doesnt deserve anything but to be hung and let the public take care of this piece of waste on earth. God bless these children and families involved and i hope god gives you the justice you deserve which is nothing for that would be a waste of more of my hard earned tax money.

  • CPA

    If found guilty, let him suck on the barrel of a gun, then pull the trigger.