TWILIGHT, W.Va. — A Boone County woman and her son were hospitalized Tuesday after both were shot in a domestic dispute.

Deputies said Phyllis Mooney, 63, and Jason Mooney, 37,suffered wounds about 7:30 a.m. at their home in Twilight.

Deputies said Jason Mooney was packing his things to leave during an argument and slammed a .30-.30 rifle on the floor in an attempt to break it. Deputies said the gun accidentally went off, hitting both of them. They had to undergo emergency surgery at CAMC General.

Investigators said Jason Mooney may be charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

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  • Brian

    Vehicles cause more deaths than guns. Gotta ban them YEESH!

    Cancer causes more deaths than guns. Gotta ban cancer YEESH!

    Drug overdoses cause more deaths than guns. Gotta ban drugs. . . Oh that's right, they already are. How's that being handled? LEOs with guns. YEESH!

  • hillbilly

    Talk about Karma...
    Too bad for Mama, but at least he got it back for his little tantrum..


    How stupid can you be!!! this person has no right to even own / or have access to a gun to do something so stupid!!!! also sounds like the son must be a spoiled brat who wasn't getting his way with mom!!!! wake up mom love him from a distance but quit spoiling him move him out let him get a job & sleep in a cardboard box & eat grass. But let him grow up!!!

    • Jonus Grumby

      Gun control really working overtime here.

  • The Answer

    The difference between stupid and genius is genius has its limits.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    An Emory U study showed that people who keep guns in their homes for protection are twice as likely to victims of gun violence than those homes who don't have guns . Here we see another example .

    • Jonus Grumby

      Fact: Of the deaths reported in this flawed study, 86% were suicides. Other deaths involved criminal activity between the family members (drug deals gone bad).

      Fact: Of the remaining deaths, the deceased family members include felons, drug dealers, violent spouses committing assault, and other criminals.

      Fact: Only 0.1% of the defensive uses of guns results in the death of the predator. This means you are much more likely to prevent a crime without bloodshed than hurt a family member.

      Nice try.

    • flash

      I don't think the gun is the issue here. This is issue with grown child throwing a temper tantrum. I grew up with guns in the house, my children grew up with guns in the house. I have guns in house. They were/are used to put meat on the table & for protection

    • Savage

      I'd rather take my chances since anytime you call 911 they take nearly an hour to respond.

  • PistolPete

    If it were a stick or a pencil or a knife that the fool threw down on the floor, she would not have ended up in the hospital. Funny thing about guns. It's just such an effective remote device for killing and maiming. It's like horseshoes or H bombs. You only have to be in the general vicinity.

  • Forrest gump

    Stupid is as stupid does

  • Larry

    Without ever meeting the two people involved, I bet their combined iq is sub 50. Sounds like a situation where a coddling mom finally got fed up, and was kicking out her chronically unemployed, drug and alcohol abusing son.

    • Jennifer

      You shouldn't be saying things about their IQ until you know the circumstances ....By the way what is your IQ???

      • Larry

        It's in the upper 100's.

  • linda

    No matter how many laws you make this guy does not care. He will do what he wants if he hurts anyone elese a long the way so what.

  • Gary Karstens


    Another day and yet another story of an instrument of death and darkness and how it ravages in the home. I am tired of it!!!! YEESH!

    It is time to ban gun ownership. And it is time for it now! These instruments are made for one purpose and one purpose only.......DEATH!

    • Savage

      Come and get 'em then.

      • Savage

        Also for the .....Death remark, no one has died yet with regard to this story, Paint it Black Karstens.

    • Tracyo64

      Mr. Obama, I wish you would quit commenting on these stories using a pseudonym. Be a man and use your own name.

    • will

      Go away dumb@ss

    • Aaron

      You may as we'll move to Britian Yary as the chances if banning gun yownership in yAmerica are yero to yone.


    • ThatGuyOverThere

      The article hints at him being a felon in posession of a firearm...once again, firearm laws that don't work, he should have not been in posession of the firearm.

      • Gary Karstens

        If he had zero chance to even get one, then this doesn't happen! YEESH!!!!

        • JP

          My guns must be broken then they where home locked up in a gun safe and didn't kill any one. Funny how people don't want to blame the person never in my life have a seen a gun load it's self and shoot it self. I might have to send mine back as being defective. Lol

        • JMB

          This is not the gun's fault, this is the fool's fault. Same as if it had been a car crash, drug overdose, etc. Inanimate objects don't attack people.

          Do you blame water for drownings too? Spoons for obesity?

          • Savage

            JIM is right if he was incarcerated he couldn't get his hand on one. Laws alone will not keep a gun out of the hands of criminals. Laws will only keep an honest man honest same as a lock on a door.

          • Tracyo64

            Now he's a food critic, too.

          • Marshall

            Well said.

          • Gary Karstens

            Apples to oranges....for crying out loud. YEESH! YEESH!

  • Dumb Liberals

    "May be charged with illegal possession of a firearm". Are you insinuating he is a convicted felon? And you are just at the "may be" stage? That's why there is a gun issue in existence. Lack of Law Enforcement to enforce the laws that exist.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Responsible gun owners do not leave loaded guns lying around. Responsible gun owners do not throw loaded guns on the floor in an attempt to break them. He will get convicted of domestic battery or something and no longer be able to own a firearm...and rightfully so, if you cannot hold yourself to certain standards, you do not need to own firearms. Comming from the keyboard of a gunowner. People like this guy make all gun owners look like total fools.

    • ThisGalOverHere

      I know this guy and YES he is a confirmed drug addict + fool.