LEROY, W.Va. —The Mason County man State Police have been looking for since finding his wife shot to death earlier this week was found dead Friday afternoon.


The body of Charles Anderson was found Friday afternoon in Roane County.

Troopers said Charles Anderson’s truck was parked along Sandy Hollow Road in Roane County. A local resident called police. Troopers checked the wooded area near the road and found Anderson’s body. The 57-year-old died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police have been looking for Anderson since Wednesday when they found the body of Kathy Anderson inside a residence on Backwaters Drive in Letart. Troopers found Anderson, 54, when making a welfare check for family members.

They quickly announced they were looking for Charles Anderson in hopes of questioning him.They said at the time he should be considered armed and dangerous.

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