TERRA ALTA, W.Va.– An Aurora woman was killed in a head-on collision on Veterans Memorial Highway in Terra Alta Thursday afternoon.

State Police say Saunya Sines, 34, was driving west on Route 7 Thursday afternoon when a pick up truck went left of center and crashed into her car. Sines was pronounced dead at the scene. The pickup truck is registered to Samuel Fheo Polce, 43, of Oakland, Md.

Jerold Sisler, 26, of Terra Alta, was in the truck and was flown to Ruby Memorial with non-life threatening injuries. What caused the crash and who was driving the truck remains under investigation.

The cause of the accident and exactly who was driving the truck remains under investigation.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    Samuel Fheo Polce is a W/M, DOB 1-11-71, 5-09, 210 lbs. On 5/2/14 he was arrested in Preston Co, WV on the charges of DUI (2nd Offense), Failure to report an MVA, Driving while Suspended and/or Revoked.

    On 11/6/13, he was arrested in Mineral Co, WV, charge was not listed.

    Then again on 6/22/12, he was again arrested in Mineral Co., WV with the charge unspecified.

    There is at least one more DUI charge that isn't showing up in his history.

    Based on the criminal history, he didn’t have an operators license when this accident happen as he would still be suspended/revoked from the original suspension. This guy, if convicted, would be a prime candidate for a 2nd degree murder charge, should the prosecutor in Preston Co locate a back bone. He obviously could care less about the laws. They are just an inconvenience to him based on his history. More than likely the courts will do the same again and again unfortunately.

    To see his mug shot(s) and WV criminal history, go to http://arre.st/WV-1005104079

  • Lightning

    Did the air bag in car inflate? That model car has had Air Bag system recalls. Mainly on seat sensor failures or driver bypass from seat covers!

  • Tanya

    Please tell us more, this was a dear friend of mine, Saunya Sines, I feel this person driving the truck was definitely under the influence...I pray he pays for what he has done!

  • Edie

    Check out polce in Maryland with mom

  • Susie

    I heard he was flying like a bat out of he@@!

    • bugs

      Who the hell was HE , And you can answer who was driving !! Sure sounds like you know who was............

      • Susie

        So the truck was registered to a (he) and the only other person that was taken to the hospital was also a (he). So yes I am speculating that the driver was a (he). And it sounds like to me that you are nothing but a bug afraid to use your real name!

  • Ricky

    Do they know anything about who was driving the truck or the cause if the accident?