WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — The author of the West Virginia Poll says those state residents who are most passionate about voting in this year’s midterm election are strong on conservative issues resulting in support for Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito in the race for U.S. Senate.

Pollster Rex Repass said the latest edition of the poll showed Capito with a 17-percentage point lead over Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, 54-37. He said there’s passion among voters for issues Capito backs.

“They’re motivated,” he said. “So if you look at the data and you look at the likelihood-to-vote segments of the population–that’s what’s driving the enthusiasm for her. You’ve got a very strong base of conservatives, business conservatives, steadfast conservatives and younger people who on some issues tend to lean slightly to Republicans, but not on social issues, who are motivated.”

Capito’s lead over Tennant in the West Virginia Poll in May was 11 points. Repass said the new poll mirrors other looks at the race.

“If you look at some of the national researchers she’s been up anywhere from 10 to 17 points,” Repass said.

A Capito campaign spokesperson told the Charleston Daily Mail the poll shows Capito’s message is resonating with voters. Tennant’s campaign said polls don’t win elections people do.

Repass said he also attempted to drill down deeper in this version of the poll to find out the significance of West Virginia voters becoming more conservative.

“Who are they? What do they identify with? And we identified 7 segments and those segments that are closest to conservative points of view are significantly larger than the rest of the nation,” Repass said. “We compared it to national data and those segments of conservatives particularly on social issues, family issues, also on some business related and economic issues, at least with likely voters in this midterm, they are driving enthusiasm for change in this election.”

Repass said West Virginia and Arkansas are the two states that have become more Republican in the last 14 years.

The WV Poll was released Friday in the Charleston Daily Mail and at the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Business Summit.

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  • conchop

    I cannot see why anyone, especially women, would vote for a Conservative Republican in this election.

    Any objective look into the situational threats the USA faces at this time can be backtracked to some idiotic Conservative war plan, business plan, financial instrument, program, or initiative.

    The results speak for themselves. Most of us are whats left of the middle class. Every measure that defines the performance of our class is way down. Any objective look into those performance numbers takes you right back to the above mentioned conservatives and their efforts.

    WV has developed a reputation for voting against itself and it makes us appear backwards. Well, thats what happens when you conservatives base your appearance on pretty people spending lots of money on media instead of producing an acceptable work product.

    • The bookman

      Because WV has a long storied history of being represented in State and Federal Government by Conservative Republicans? Is your argument that all our woes and the headwinds of the middle class rest on the shoulders of GWB? The inept child of providence and preferred birth, George W, has managed this on his own? Or do we have to go back to 1994 and Gingrich?

      • conchop

        Nah - all anyone needs to do is to ponder and study a situational threat and backtrack its history to its origination. Some things go way back.

        Sure enough, once you've studied, there's a Conservative and sure enough, a lot of them were the Neo Conservatives. Paleo Conservatives follow suit. GWB's legacy has yet to be fully reconciled as its losses are still being tallied.

        The outlandish plans they sold turned to mud. Nothing they've done has succeeded as planned. Such bottom line results are completely unacceptable. The only things they have done has ended up enriching the upper class oligarchs, crippling of the middle class, and mastering the propaganda media. These kind of results do not warrant much support.

        • Pickle Barrel

          Meanwhile, Obama does nothing to address such situational threats other than play golf and admit he has no strategy to deal with the Islamofascists. His bottom line results are a total disaster.

  • Gscsbb1

    For as much as Tennant likes to talk so fondly of gun controlling Mr. Manchin and how they did so much together that was great, barf! It was your job lady!

    If people are smart and have any sense about them they would only vote for Capito!

  • Dumb Liberals

    What will the toilet bowl captain do? He will develop a case of laryngitis and then not even he will hear his gums flap in the wind. Guess he'll be back on his knees, kissing a liberal's rear. The Tennant Titanic is sinking fast.

  • fed up

    When Ms Tennant cannot even say either yes or no that she would vote for Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader, Lord only knows what they (Obama, Reid) will tell her in Washington DC to vote for if she gets elected....

  • FungoJoe

    When all is said and done and when the dust settles, Capito beats Tennant by 20+ points.

  • George

    We are sick of Obama's incompetence and the Democrat's lies.....................

  • CaptainQ

    This U.S. Senate election in WV can be best summed up by the following equation:

    Natalie Tennant + undeniable ties to President Obama = win for Shelley Moore Capito

    To quote the late Carroll O'Connor in his role as TV's Archie Bunker: "Case closed!"

  • Jim

    This Democrat is for Shelley. Tennant is a typical liberal democrat and will vote for her parties agenda over the needs of WV every time.

    • BH

      The exact same thing can be said about Capito. Although I am not thrilled with either candidate.

  • mikeyd

    do you remember arch moore the crook ,he also spent time in jail for his work at being gov , the fruit dosent fall to far from the tree

    • Guardian

      Its bad when the only argument you can muster is the one which tries to tie the sins of the father to his off-spring. Classless and no basis in fact. Shelley has served honorably.

  • DP

    Who Cares-Hopefully people such as yourself DO NOT VOTE!!!

    As I stated a couple of months ago on this site, Shelley 56%, Natalie 44%. I'm going to stick with this prediction until the election.

    West Virginians see through a phony N.T. and your feeble attempt in trying to divorce yourself from Obummer and his policies is laughable! Voters have long memories when it comes to politics and your hard core support and campaigning for the Bystander/Fundraiser in Chief is readily recalled by the electorate!

    I've also stated previously Natalie that you possibly are a decent and nice young lady, but you have very badly damaged your image in this Senatorial campaign. But, get it together and you MIGHT have a chance in 2016 in seeking the Governorship against what appears to be an extremely weak field!

  • Raging Moderate

    It's still one man vote. A few politicians may be crooked, but most are not. A few might be in it for the money but most are already wealthy. Their incessant commercials may be sickening but you don't have to vote for them. Money may have undue influence on voting, but you don't have to vote for the candidate who spent the most money. Third party candidates may have no chance but a vote for them makes your voice known anyway. If you care how you are taxed, or want clean air, or want jobs for West Virginians, or like if hate Obamacare, you have a stake in this election. Inform yourself then vote. It's the American way, imperfect, but its still one man one vote.

  • Judge Jimmy

    Stick a fork in Natalie she is done.........

  • C. F. T.

    Vote, in this and all elections, regardless of party affiliation , conservative or liberal VOTE. An study done after the 2008 election proved that 6,000 conservative religious sect people in Ohio gave Obama the presidency, they did not vote because McCain was not conservative enough by their standards. By not voting, would you want to be one of those 6,000 who are responsible for allowing Obama to be President ?

    • Bruce

      That's a pretty cool story, but Obama beat McCain by over 262,000 votes in Ohio in 2008

      • C. F. T.

        Bruce you are correct, sorry for the in accuracy. I will further research to determine the facts.

  • Who Cares

    They are both a bunch of crooks. Politicians are telling their best lies this time of year. It is a waste of time to even vote. Nothing will get better no matter who my put in.