CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A well-known political report has moved the race for U.S. Senate in West Virginia from ‘Leans Republican’ to ‘Safe Republican.’

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball made the move Thursday. The report’s managing editor Kyle Kondik said on MetroNews Talkline Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito has continued to strengthen her lead in the polls over Democrat Secretary of State Natalie Tennant.

“As we get close to the election we try to narrow the map to try to focus on the races that are most competitive, or more appropriately, the ones where the outcome is most in doubt and we are starting to move races off the board and West Virginia is one of them,” Kondik said.

Capito has been a strong candidate according to Kondik moving the race into a “lock Republican position.”

Other races in West Virginia are tighter according to the Crystal Ball. Kondik said WV-3 between Congressman Nick Rahall and GOP state Senator Evan Jenkins remains a toss-up.

“Super close, super expensive and super nasty,” Kondik said.

The race for the second congressional district is still ‘Leans Republican’ between Republican Alex Mooney and Democrat Nick Casey. Kondik said the final money amount spent on that race remains a question mark.

“Sort of waiting to see if the Democrats want to make a play in West Virginia-2, I think they may be on the fence about it,” Kondik said.

The Crystal Ball keeps the race in WV-1 as ‘Safe Republican.’

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  • ViennaGuy

    Yes, he is.

  • Mike

    I see that there are still those that will vote for a Democrat no matter how they have destroyed WV. There are those that will still vote for the Democrats because that is the way they have voted for years. Still blinded by the BS that comes out of the Democrat garbage machine. Rahall and Tennant will be nothing more then puppets for BHO and his class of clowns. Its time to put the WV and America hating Democrats out of office. I just hope the Republicans wake up and vote. You know the hand out for free stuff Lefties will be there to vote for the vote buying Democrats.



  • Waitman Willey

    Is Gainer still running?

  • Simon

    Jeff, still sucking the republican hind teat?

  • The bookman

    Still hanging in a cloud of conspiracy theories I see. Who would pay Metronews to quote the most quotable political pundit in the country who provides his analysis for free on a website?

  • Dave Rao

    Jeff Jenkins lost my respect when he let Kent Gates, Capito's mouthpiece, say author Peter Schweitzer had "backtracked" on his allegations that Capito and her Chief of Staff, Joel Brubaker, used inside information in September 2008 to dump their falling stocks. He let Gates call Democratic candidate Howard Swint a liar. A low spot for Jenkins.

  • Simon

    How much were you paid for that reported story?