CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin will decide who will replace Clark Barnes in the state Senate. The Randolph County senator resigned Wednesday to become the Senate clerk.

New Senate Clerk Clark Barnes.


New Senate Clerk Clark Barnes.

The 11th Senatorial District Republican Executive Committee which is charged with sending three names to the governor moved quickly.

The panel’s nominations include longtime Grant County Del. Allen Evans, West Virginia Farm Bureau President Charles Wilfong and Summersville Fire Department Chaplain Gregory Boso.

Gov. Tomblin is expected to move quickly in order to give the Senate a full 34 members for the legislative session. An announcement is expected by the end of the week.

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  • H.

    I am happy to see Clark Barnes moving on. It will be good to have someone new.

  • Overdue

    Give it to Evans we need a fresh face to represent Grant County!

  • Indpendent View

    I have to agree with Mike. As one of Barnes' "Surf's" I made the mistake of voting for him---once!
    While he was in the Senate I'm not convinced he had a pulse. Rarely did I agree with Walt Helmick when he was our Senator, but give him credit, he had a pulse. I contacted Senator Barnes several times and he did not even have the courtesy to respond or acknowledge my contact and this was on non-controversial legislation that he voted for when it reached the floor of the Senate.
    This appears to be a Good Ole' Boy Network opportunity to fatten his retirement portfolio. He is an audiologist that owns & operates hearing centers in Elkins & Buckhannon and maybe others. This revolving door of state government seems to attract elected representatives whose main goal is not to serve their constituents, but to cultivate contacts within the Good Ole' Boy Network to land a cushy fulltime state job or in many cases to enhance their retirement portfolio.
    It's no longer about serving the voters that elected them, it's about feathering their own nest at your expense.This is political cronyism run amuck!

  • bozo

    I vote for the man named bozo. He'd fit right in. Ha

    • jm

      It is Boso, NOT BOZO. I actually know greg, and he is anything but what would fit right in. He is a fine and upstanding religious man. The district would actually be well represented if he were chosen.

      My Guess though, it will end up being the guy that is/was the delegate. They have to protect their own and keep the status quo. Heaven forbid that someone not currently in the good ole boys club gets left out.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    I'm still trying to figure out why a liberal, leftist demo governor has ANY say in who Mr. Barnes's replacement would be. This decision should be totally up to the 11th Senatorial District Republican Executive Committee. This seems very convoluted.

  • Mike

    He might as well be Clerk. He's never done anything as a Senator.

  • In da stickes

    I'd vote for Allen Evans. Good knowledgeable delegate who can reach across the aisle for consensus building.

    • Doran

      Reach across the aisle?? Dream on there, stickes.