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Quadruple murder case set for trial

A Nicholas County man charged with four counts of murder is scheduled to go on trial in April.

James Roy Belknap 26, of Leviasy, was arraigned Tuesday morning in Nicholas County Circuit Court following a recent indictment on charges stemming back to last May.

Belknap allegedly killed Steven Hendrix, his girlfriend Amber Martin, and Hendrix’s two children, Dakota, 6 and Kaylee, 4, over a drug debt.

Police believe Belknap owed Hendrix money in a drug deal and Hendrix went to his house to collect it. The criminal complaint says some of the victims were killed in Hendrix’s van. All of their bodies were stripped and thrown over a hillside on Belknap’s property.

Police have also charged Mark Haynes and Wanda Einstein of Nicholas County. They were allegedly helping Belknap get around after police began looking for him.

Belknap pleaded not guilty Tuesday and his trial was scheduled for April 16. He remains in jail without bail.

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