Harrison County health officials following up on lastest coronavirus cases

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department is in the process of notifying residents who may have come into contact with those who have tested positive for coronavirus.

The department has confirmed 10 cases.

Administrator Chad Bundy, a guest on WAJR’s Talk of the Town with Dave & Sarah Tuesday, said contact tracing is underway.

“The good news is we don’t have a hot spot, we don’t have nine cases in a small area,” Bundy said. “We have ten cases over pretty much the entire county, we have five of our nine townships represented in that.”

Bundy said the virus was first detected in the county about two weeks ago and now it’s clearly being spread from person-to-person. Bundy said residents have to use the power to isolate and practice social distancing.

“We need to stay at home. We need to question ourselves about why we’re going out? Is it something we need to do? We need to stay at home, and that’s tough on us as a society,” Bundy said. “But, that’s the right thing to do for Harrison Countians right now, and we can keep pushing that disease down and flatten that curve.”

Bundy said keeping at least six-feet away works.

“That’s been shown to be the distance you need to stay away to not be infected by those droplets,” he said.

Bundy said key leaders won’t be able to make decisions about opening things up until the number cases has peaked and begins to drop and we see those with the disease recover.


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