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State PSC further investigating Kanawha County Commission complaints on Frontier

KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. — The state Public Service Commission says it needs to do further investigation into the complaints from the Kanawha County Commission on the service of Frontier in a certain portion of the county.

In a Utility Division Initial Memorandum on the commission’s case dated August 5, the state Public Service Commission (PSC) stated “Staff recommends Frontier be added as a party to Case No. 22-0628 T-P. Staff needs to do further investigation in order to be able to respond to the KCC’s request for a General Investigation.”

The PSC is also asking Frontier to provide all trouble tickets from West Virginia customers submitted between June 8 and August 5.

On July 12, the commission filed a formal complaint with the PSC over a phone and internet outage that impacted about 20 homes along Laurel Fork Road for several weeks. MetroNews flagship 580-WCHS in Charleston previously reported that those Frontier services were back on in the community shortly after the PSC received the complaint.

Lance Wheeler, a Kanawha County Commissioner told 580-WCHS on Tuesday that Frontier has apologized and he applauded them for doing their due diligence since then.

“We sent a letter to the PSC urging them to look into the matter. They said they would and assign somebody to the case. At this point, we are now having conversations with Frontier,” Wheeler said.

However, Wheeler said something like that situation should never happen because it turns into an emergency situation for elderly residents. Frontier told the commission that many of the outages were due to damages from severe weather this summer.

The commission has also requested that the investigation include Bens Fork Rd. just outside of Big Chimney as residents there have also been without Frontier service for a month.

The PSC’s memorandum further stated “In an attempt to gain further information, Staff has prepared interrogatories for Frontier. Staff will issue a Final Recommendation to the Commission within the established time frame.”

These issues with Frontier come months after the PSC fined Suddenlink more than $2.2 million for ‘failing to provide safe, adequate and reliable service to its West Virginia subscribers of its cable, internet and phone service.’

Wheeler said the utility companies need to communicate with the commission better. He also urged residents to reach to out to the commission when facing any utility issues.

“If you have a problem with one of your utility companies, if they are not responding to you, if you’re not getting the proper utilities you need for your home, we urge you to call the Kanawha County Commission and submit that complaint,” Wheeler said.

“We can send that over to the PSC and get them involved.”

580-WCHS reached out to Frontier for comment Tuesday morning but has yet to hear back.

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