CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia is joining more than half a dozen states, so far, in rejecting President Barack Obama’s proposal which allows health insurance companies to renew plans not in compliance with the Affordable Care Act for one more year.

On Thursday, state Insurance Commissioner Mike Riley said the “single year” re-enrollment proposal is not necessary in West Virginia because of the proactive steps taken, this year, to allow for a transition period that is “consistent with the existing law.”

“The abrupt CCIIO (Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight) proposal comes at a time when West Virginia employers, citizens and insurance carriers have already made extensive changes to comply with the new law,” Riley said in a statement.

“In order to avoid further confusion, provide market stability, mitigate potential rate impacts of the CCIIO proposal, and regulate the West Virginia insurance market in accordance with the existing law, we have decided to maintain our current direction.”

President Barack Obama announced the possible change last week after millions of Americans received cancellation notices, despite his repeated claims that people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it under the Affordable Care Act.

Insurance is regulated differently in each state, so it is up to state officials to make the final decision on any delay.

Earlier this week, New York became the largest state to reject the proposal.  The other states that have opted out of the extension, along with West Virginia, include Minnesota, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington and Vermont.

In addition to information available at, questions about the Affordable Care Act and health insurance enrollment can be directed to in-person assisters at local offices for the Department of Health and Human Resources or the Bureau of Senior Services.

Those with the Consumer Services Division of the West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner are also available by calling 1-888-879-9842.

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  • Stephen

    Oh look more good news for WV "Constellium secures Boeing contract".

    Pretty soon you all with stop running out of excuses to keep sitting on your couch and playing on the WV Metro News site all day instead of being out getting jobs.

    There are places in WV they are having to advertise on billboards to try to find workers.

  • Gary Cooper

    IMPEACH ))Obama(( NOW!!

  • Big Dave

    Hillbillywil is spot on. America cannot sustain the debt we are carrying. Now we are adding more and more people supported by the governement.

    Read the book of Revelation. There is no mention of a country from the West. Why is that? Because the United States is going to implode from the debt and turning away from God. The US will be completely and totally irrelevant. And owned by other countries.

    Place your trust in Jesus, people. The US can't save you.

  • blugldmn

    Natalie Tennant a huge proponent of Obamacare was in NY this week at a 50K a plate fundraiser and got a personal endorsement from Michelle Obama. If you think Tennant won't be a tool for the Obama administration you better think again. People you cannot vote this charlatan into office, she will help destroy what's left of your healthcare.

  • wvtd

    democrats shoved this hated law down our throats but let them be the ones to choke on it in 2014. obamacare sucks and so does it's namesake.

  • Tim C

    RogerD, I am sad that people will get caught up in this government takeover of our healthcare system....hell, I may very well be one of them before it is all said and done, but I would rather take the consequences than sacrifice my child and her family's future.......I fear they will have a very difficult time if this is allowed to continue for very long. Obamacare will crush this country, mark it down. Let it go down in flames now before it does irreparable damage.

  • blugldmn

    I think people need to go to commissioner Riley's front yard and protest .....

    • Jake

      yeah, ALL OVER IT!

  • GeeLee

    Its ALL about loss of your personal liberty...No choice is what soft tyranny is. How is that "shoe" fitting now? No More in One Four.

  • Stephen

    Good, WV takes care of business. Great news happening in WV. Things are really looking up!

    • Hillbillywil

      Yes Stephen, really good news happening in WV and yes things are looking up! Our coal fired power plants are being closed by this administration; the EPA is shutting down our coal mines; gun manufactures will not consider our state for business because our junior senator is pushing gun control for this administration.

      All of that is over shadowed though because our federal government is going to give us all free health care. Free, because none of us are working and we can't pay for our own. We're just hoping that they'll pay for our heat and electric when we can't afford it when it goes sky high from not being produced with cheap coal.

      But not to worry WV will always stay in the pockets of the Democrats and our boys will fall in line are toe the party line!

      • Stephen

        Your name is indicative of your mindset. When WV moves beyond "we can only get by with coal" we will be better for it. We have to diversify our economy. That is the only way we will thrive.

        The potential Cracker in Wood County, Sogefi adding 250 jobs in Wayne County, and now Carbonyx bringing a $250 million investment into Jackson County is great news for WV.

        We have over 100,000 WV WORKERS that have not had access to health insurance that now will have it due to Obamacare. I think the number that have signed up so are is over 60k already.

        Good things are happening in WV. Very good things and I love this state so it feels good to see so many positives.

        • sunnycal

          Stephen, you say " 60 thousand West Virginians have signed up " ( for Obama Care ) please cite your information source.

        • Ben Dover

          Well Stephen, I am from Calhoun county. Tell me again exactly how things are looking up in WV? My county fights with McDowell and Mingo for the highest unemployment rate in WV and WV goes back and forth with Mississippi and a select few other states for the highest unemployment rate in the nation.... So, it is very safe to say, that at any given time that Calhoun County, WV is the worst county (ranking 3,141st out of 3141) in the US to find a job, yet you tell me that things are looking up in WV because the coal industry is being shut down? You're nothing more than a Obamalist shill. Go tell your story walking...

          • Ben Dover

            ..."but haven't those counties been at those same numbers prior to Obama's presidency and the 'war on coal'?"...

            Well, you said a mouthful Stephen. First, you are correct, those numbers were true prior to Obama and his policies and you were also correct to identify Obama's "War on Coal". Do you actually think that his war on coal - your words, not mine - are actually helping West Virginia?
            For the record, I am not waiting on the coal industry to make a comeback and I am not waiting on the government to "bail me out" - but, I can see where you might think that I am waiting on a handout (you know - being from the poorest county in WV) because that is the mindset of you Obama sheeples. I work - travel 1.5 hours each way, EVERY DAY to get to work (like I have for 25+years)- so I can come home to the depressed county that I live in and to hear fuctards like you tell me how rosy things are in WV. Like I said before - tell your story walking....

          • Stephen

            No one is saying that things are looking up BECAUSE the coal industry is being shut down but haven't those counties been at those same numbers prior to Obama's presidency and the 'war on coal'? Why wait around for coal to make a comeback? Why not start a business? Why wait for the government to bail you out? Do something, don't just lay there and wait for Illinois to stop trying to sell their coal at a higher value than WV.

  • wvman75

    West Virginia democrats should be worried. They expanded Medicaid as part of this catastrophe. Something that already put us $265 million in the hole, BEFORE it was expanded.
    I'd be worried, too.

    • Hillbillywil

      Why would they be worried; look at all the other Democratic controlled states; they are so far in debt that it looks like they are trying to keep up with our federal government!

      There's more money where that all came from; your pockets haven't been picked clean yet! They'll just raise taxes, again!

      • editerguy

        Hillbillywil: I took your suggestion and looked at debt levels of all the states at . I failed to see a pattern of greater debt in democratic-controlled states. Could you please cite the source of your information? (If it's someplace other than your rear end, that is.)

        • editerguy

          My source was usgovernmentspending (dot) com. Somehow this site's filters rejected the url I embedded in my comment above.

  • susanf1218

    So West Virginia signed on for this boondoggle and now we are going down with the ship, I suppose. Thanks to good old Billy Bob Earl Ray!

    • highlander

      I started not to reply, but fealt someone who didn't know better might read your reply and buy into this lie. I have nothing for Earl, but if it is skin you are looking foe in this mess, WV skin, then the blame lies on your Democrat party state representatives with the ring leader being 'Sell out Joe' Manchin who voted in the monstrosity that is Obamacare. I know you rely on those who are uniformed in order to perpetuate this lie of turning the finger of guilt away from those who are truly responsible in order to protec the party and the agenda but hopefully there are a few more educated readers out there now

      • Bigfish

        Not replying would have been a better idea. The affordable care act was signed into law in March 2010. Manchin took office as senator in November 2010. If any one is uninformed , you are.

        • Hillbillywil

          Bigfish it may be better for you to find a bigger pond; nowhere in my statement did I say that Joe voted for Obamacare, he had his lackey do it before he appointed himself to the seat! But, I would have no doubt about how he would have voted (the party line) if he had been there and was told what to do! BTW, I stay informed on current issues, so swallow a hook somewhere else!

      • Hillbillywil

        Yes water boy Joe is carrying Obama's water on gun control, so he is allowed to "SAY" that he is against this move to socialism!

        It's OK though, since the people of WV will continue to vote the same way they always do and re-elect the traitor to office in his next run.

  • CaptainQ

    If Commissioner Riley is correct, then why did many people in WV get health insurance cancellation notices?

    Something just doesn't seem quite right here.

    • Hillbillywil

      Because commissioner Riley is a good Democrat and he can toe the party line with the best of them.

  • Jim Donnan

    It's just amazing that pretty muich every elected Democrat in West Virginia supported this legislation. Every one. And the locals voted for it in the State Senate and House of Delegates, too. Great job, Liberal Doug Skaff.

  • lifetimehunter

    I will agree that this whole thing has been a cluster...but I for one am sick and tired of paying for people that live better than me because they don't pay for healthcare. Maybe this wasn't the best route to take. Maybe the best idea I've heard open clinics for folks with no insurance that require payment at time of service for adults. This would cut out emergency room visits that are not needed. If they show up with no insurance and its not life threatening show them the door..

    • Hillbillywil

      Who do you think is going to pay for all these people going on Medicaid? They are signing up now for their FREE healthcare. There are more people now on food stamps than are in the work force, so that means that those people that are working are going to pay for; not just your families insurance but another families insurance also. Do the math, unless you've been taught under common core. It does not add up, we are broke. China will not buy any more of our bonds; we are head for a huge crash, enjoy your ride!

      • lifetimehunter

        Who do you think pays for it now???

        • Ben Dover

          You just blew his mind with facts... but that is a typical reaction to reasoning from libtards.

          • Hillbillywil

            Gentlemen, I'm on your side; shoot in another direction!
            And if you had read any of my earlier comments, you would know that I'm no "LIBTARD", especially by the way that I'm being attacked

  • Tim C

    Let this monstrosity collapse on its own.

    • RogerD

      Tim, I'm inclined to agree but I worry about how many people get crushed by it's collapse.

      • wvman75

        It amounts to 1/6th of our economy that Obama and democrats decided to tinker with in their embrace of socialism. We'll all be crushed to some point.